Monday, 6 June 2016

Happy Week

Goodness. There is just so much to say.

I am so impressed with Erik for going to provincials, and for letting himself lag instead of dying, and then being content with beating his personal best. I want to be better at focusing on improving instead of getting better in relation to other people. It would be so wonderful for him to run on the BYU track team!

For news here, we waited and waited outside the chapel for "Rachel and Charles" to come. Eventually the meeting started and we went in. I was still holding out hope that they would turn up, but then the sacrament started and I was really disappointed because we had talked about the sacrament with them and I knew that it would the highlight of the meeting for them since they don't speak English very well.
But they did come in after sacrament! And apparently they got it out in the foyer. We had set up translation devices for them, but we couldn't get it to them the meeting had already started. So Sister Mohsen just whisper-translated the meeting to them. After sacrament meeting, we went over to greet them and their 4-year-old daughter ran to me and threw her arms around my legs exclaiming, "My sister, my sister!" Which was pretty heartwarming since she had played shy around us before, but I guess she warmed up pretty fast when we were the only people she knew in the room.

They stayed for the rest of the meetings, but told us after that they should learn English better before doing that again. (Specifically pointed out that Elder Owens, who taught Gospel Principles, had VERY HARD English. I found that highly amusing.) We are seeing them again today, and planning to get a solid commitment on a baptismal date.

Fun story: We were doing service at a member's house on Saturday and they gave us pizza afterward since we finished right before dinner. Then we headed back to our apartment for training (greenie training) and I had a smoothie because I wanted to eat something with a little more vitamin C before fasting. So I was very full. Then we had a member lesson with a family from Ethiopia at 7. We came in and the adult daughter was talking to us, and we were waiting for the mother to come in from the kitchen. And waiting. Finally I actually looked at the kitchen, saw her setting the table, and the awful reality set in. We thought we had set up a lesson appointment, but they thought they were having us for dinner. Thus ensued dinner round 3. And it was a huge affair. We asked the mom what she had been doing all day and she replied, "Cooking." We went home that night and almost had to crawl up the stairs.

"Cindy" is still doing well. We watched "Lord, I Believe" with her and it was really helpful because she saw how she can be true to what she knows despite her doubts and concerns. Physically, though, she's going through a hard time. So I think she's pretty much living on prayer. Thank you for your prayers.

Love you!


  1. I have a feeling g we may have been the ones to feed you the pizza. Glad you made it home safe and sound, hope you are doing well, the Archers

  2. Haha! You are right! It was you. The pizza was good. :) I loved seeing your family so much! I miss you!!!