Sunday, 16 June 2013

Incoming Blog!

(Note from 2016: This post was written back when the title of the blog was Rambling Through Life.)

So, yeah, I've started another blog.

If you're reading this, you probably found it through my other blog, where I already explained why I was starting this one. Just in case you didn't read that, I'll just say it again. Meg's 1000 Words is too crowded with all the things in my life, so I started Rambling Through Life to keep my life straight. This blog is about the things I do in my life, for the information of the people who actually care.

An explanation for the name: I like to ramble--as Grandpa knows from the 'hike' we went on in Langley. A ramble is a time to go the places you love because you want to go there. It is a time to live and breathe and do what you want without worrying about hurrying to the destination. This blog will be that for me. I'm sorry if I get carried away sometimes jabbering on about something not especially clear or important; but it's a ramble. Expect it.

Also, note that the URL is I forgot the 'meg' once and ended up somewhere else. While it looks like a lovely blog, it isn't mine.


  1. Meg did you die after this last post??

  2. That's not my last post! There are three more. Are they not showing up? (If you're referencing the fact that I haven't posted lately, I'm working hard on schooling and such, so that's why I'm so unreliable.)